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    The Fly Tying Station – How To Tie The NYAP Fly

    26 June 2020

    Saltwater Fly Tying Lesson – How To Tie The NYAP Fly by James Christmas

    The NYAP or “Not Your Average Popper” fly was designed by Alphonse Island guide, James Christmas, eight years ago. Since then the NYAP has gained acclaim for being one of the best flies to target giant trevally. In this episode of the Fly Tying Station, James will show us step-by-step how to tie the famous NYAP.

    The NYAP has revolutionized fishing for GT’s and is wildly effective! They are slightly more robust than traditional popper patterns and are becoming very popular as they create a greater disturbance on the surface of the water.

    Imitating a wounded baitfish thrashing to get away, we find that the noise and bubbles created by this pattern are by far the most successful in getting – and keeping – a GT’s attention, and the NYAP has proved it’s worth a thousand times over at our destinations.

    Poppers are generally fished over deeper waters such while drifting on the skiff in the lagoons, casting into the channels or floating the shallow outer reef of the atolls. With their violent water-disturbing qualities, they are extremely effective in drawing fish from afar or from the depths.

    The NYAP is one of our top choices for targeting giant trevally on the fly in our waters, and beyond! It is also a great fly choice for sailfish, yellowfin tuna, grouper, snapper, and many other large pelagic species.

    So now that you’re geared with the best GT fly, you can tackle fly fishing for giant trevally with ease and finally land that giant you’ve had your eye on!


    Saltwater Fly Tying Video – How To Tie The NYAP Fly by James Christmas


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