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    The most experienced fly fishing team in the Seychelles islands.


    Choosing the right fishing operator can make or break your fishing experience. You need a team that is highly experienced, highly skilled and highly informed about local conditions.

    Alphonse Fishing Company™, with more years of experience on the outer islands than any other organisation, fills all three of these needs. You can rest assured that you’re at the best fishing spots, during the best times of the year, and under the watchful eyes of the world’s finest fly fishing guides and captains.

    We also have 38 purpose-built boats of various sizes that play a vital part in accessing the fishing areas.

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    Keith Rose-Innes

    His management and guiding portfolio extends through 26 countries over more than 25 years. Keith’s years of exploring, promoting, and establishing the remote coral atolls of Seychelles firmly put them on the world fly fishing map.

    Keith Rose-Innes, Alphonse Fishing Company and Blue Safari Seychelles Co-Founder and Managing Director. For over 25 years Keith has been at the forefront of promoting and establishing the remote coral atolls of Seychelles as the world’s best saltwater flyfishing destination.

    He was the first to fly fish and host trips to many of the now well-known Outer Atolls of the Seychelles. He has been at the forefront of developing techniques and flies for various flats fish species that were previously seen as “non-catchable”. Since then he has worked tirelessly to conserve these untouched Eden’s
    through sustainable use and conservation.

    After 17 years of full time guiding in over 26 countries, today this passionate fly angler and conservationist puts the majority of his focus into protecting the ecosystems of the Outer Islands of the Seychelles through sustainable use and conservations.

    With his wealth of fly fishing knowledge and experience in the hospitality industry, he oversees all AFC destinations.

    Devan van der Merwe

    Devan van der Merwe, Alphonse Fishing Co General Manager, has 15 years of guiding experience that extends to numerous African countries.

    Having spent nine years mentoring and managing the best saltwater guide team on the planet, Devan is also a veteran when it comes to Seychelles fly fishing.

    Devan heads up the guiding team, captains, and deckhands and runs a fleet of 48 vessels designed to work in the most logistically challenging environments.

    Devan’s emphasis on sustainability and conservation contribute to his successful management of our world-class fishing destinations

    The Alphonse Fishing Co. Team

    Considered a fly anglers’ paradise, the unspoilt waters of the Outer Islands and atolls of Seychelles are home to the most incredible variety of fish species, where guests can enjoy some of the world’s best fly fishing.

    Alphonse Fishing Co. prides itself in coupling the world’s finest fly fishing guides with optimum fishing seasons to create an experience most only dream about.

    We are proud to boast the services of a highly skilled team with a wealth of knowledge, who strive to enhance the guests’ experience, contribute to ecotourism and experiential travel.

    As leaders in fly fishing in the Seychelles we have an extensive understanding of the area, our guides are well-versed on the best fishing spots, tidal movements and elemental conditions.

    We thrive on putting guests on fish, and ensuring the very best fishing adventure, be it on an annual or once-in-a-lifetime trip.

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