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The most experienced fly fishing team in the Seychelles

Experience the world’s best fly fishing with Alphonse Fishing Company™. A specialized operator that truly understands the Seychelles islands. Our fishing trips are designed to make all your fishing dreams come true as we give you the chance to fish the island chain’s abundant waters.

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Keith Rose-Innes and the Columbia Feature

Keith Rose-Innes

Keith Rose-Innes, AFC Managing Director and one of the world’s most respected and famous fishermen, oversees all Alphonse Fishing Company destinations. With a wealth of fly fishing experience, Keith has been a pioneer in finding and exploring the world’s best fishing spots.

His management and guiding portfolio extends through 25 countries over more than 24 years. Keith’s years of exploring, promoting, and establishing the remote coral atolls of Seychelles firmly put them on the world fly fishing map. He has also published numerous fly fishing books and articles.

Devan Van Der Merwe

Devan van der Merwe, AFC General Manager, has 15 years of guiding experience that extends to numerous different countries. Having spent nine years mentoring and managing the best saltwater guide team on the planet, Devan is also a veteran when it comes to Seychelles fly fishing.

Devan heads up the guiding team, captains, and deckhands and runs a fleet of 48 vessels designed to work in the most logistically challenging environments. Devan’s emphasis on sustainability and conservation contribute to his successful management of our world-class fishing destinations. 

Devan Van Der Merwe

The Alphonse Fishing Co Team

Enjoy the best fishing destinations during the best time of the year supported by the world’s finest fly fishing guides. We are proud to boast the services of a highly skilled and experienced team who strive to enhance our ecotourism contributions and experiential travel expertise. With extensive local knowledge of the best spots and fishing conditions in Seychelles, our team strive to ensure you get the very best from your fishing experience.

What The Fisherman Say

"Alphonse Fishing Co and their staff are simply amazing. Their professionalism, knowledge and eagerness to help is unreal. Teaching you while putting you onto fish. The island has an incredible feeling to it like you have just reached your final destination and are home. Reef, fish and activities on the island make it a divers, fishers and a family destination of epic proportions. Will go back any opportunity I get. Thank you for everything."
Terance Trim
"Alphonse Fishing Co is definitely a first class organization. I've been lucky enough to go to Alphonse twice and I can't say enough good things about my experiences! Keith has put together a group of the best guides and staff that you could ever wish for during a fishing trip!"
Tom Collins
“This place is truly unique and special. The location is what sets it apart - remote with coral reefs, lagoons and an ocean of translucent water teaming with marine life making it a haven for fisher folk, divers, snorkelers and leisure travelers. The island community you discover and the staff elevate the entire experience into something truly memorable and amazing. Great food, service and comfort make it an overwhelming sensory exploration and leave you changed!”
Stuart Goodall

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Three atolls and islands called Alphonse, Bijoutier and St Francois

One atoll with a vast lagoon surrounded by nineteen islands

One atoll with an enclosed lagoon surrounded by flats and sheer drop offs

One atoll with a vast lagoon accompanied by nine surrounding islands

African Banks, Remire Reef, St Joseph’s Atoll and Poivre Atoll

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