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    The best flies to land Triggerfish

    11 February 2019

    It’s time to get Trigger-happy as we take a look at the best flies to target Triggerfish (on the fly). At Alphonse Fishing Co. there are 3 main species of Triggerfish that we target, namely the Yellow-Margin Triggerfish, Moustache Triggerfish and the Picasso Triggerfish. All 3 species are found on the shallow reefs and flats, and are equal parts beauty and challenge!

    We’ve taken our time to perfect the techniques in landing these feisty friends and have also discovered the best flies to target Triggerfish. These flies will always be found in our guides’ fly boxes and are ideal for targeting Triggerfish:


    1. The Alphlexo Crab

    best-permit-flies-alphlexo-crabImage: A great fly for Triggerfish – The Alphlexo Crab

    This is a very realistic crab-looking fly. It has a relatively solid and rigid structure to hold the Triggerfish once it has been pounced on, because as we all know Triggerfish like to put up a serious fight. A general rule of thumb is to use olive or tan colours when fishing darker bottoms and white or lighter colours when fishing over sandy bottoms.


    2. The Spawning Shrimp

    best-bonefish-flies-spawning-shrimpImage: A great fly for Triggerfish – The Spawning Shrimp

    This fly has been around for ages and for good reason it works! It can be tied in various colours and weights to best entice the target. A Spawning Shrimp tied with a lightweight bead chain eyes is ideal for super shallow tailing Triggers and makes for a more delicate presentation when targeting these initially skittish fish.


    3. The Kraken Crab

    Best-flies-trggerfish-kraken-crabImage: Another great fly for Triggerfish – The Kraken Crab

    This fly is a fairly new addition that should be added to any avid triggerfish enthusiast’s fly box. It is a slightly bigger fly with lots of rubber legs and protruding eyes which gives it lots of movement when being retrieved. As Triggerfish are very aggressive by nature, this bigger pattern will entice a more aggressive eat.

    All of these flies along with any additional gear you might need is available on the islands. Alternatively, our guides are fully kitted to tie any flies that are perhaps not available. There you have it – the best flies to target Triggerfish.


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