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    Astove Atoll Fishing News – Last Minute Flats Slam!

    Seychelles-Flyfishing 15 April 2019

    Astove Atoll Fly Fishing Season 2019 | 01 – 11 April 

    Our guests this week had quite a unique experience: two anglers, Seychelles regular El Davo from Canada and first timer Tom from the USA, with the entire Astove Atoll at their disposal.

    From a guiding perspective, it was a pleasure having endless amounts of water to explore. El Davo was quick out of the blocks to land 6 GTs, the biggest 91 cm, on his first day. Suffering from jet lag, Tom powered through and landed his first ever GT.

    The advance of spring tides filled the lagoon nicely and having never experienced the quality of Bonefishing in the Seychelles Tom capitalized nicely and was literally left speechless with the endless opportunities for tailing bones.

    A low-pressure system midweek brought high wind and low visibility, however, the less-than-ideal conditions did not deter our anglers with El Davo landing two Triggerfish, while Tom landed two cracking Giant Trevally’s in two casts while fishing the lagoon.

    As the low-pressure system passed fishing improved and a combination of lagoon moves as well as surf walks ensured both guests were kept entertained with a nice spread of bell ringer species. Fittingly El Davo finished his last day with a flats slam.

    Tight Lines from the Alphonse Fishing Co. Guides on Astove Atoll!