Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


What is the luggage restriction for the inter-island flights?

Check-in luggage is strictly limited to 15 kg or 33 pounds per person and 5 kg or 11 pounds of carry-on luggage. Please adhere to the specified limits. It is impossible to load extra luggage beyond your limit; it would have to be repacked and left on Mahé until your return. There is left luggage storage at the airport, or you can arrange for your tour operator in Mahé to store excess luggage while you are on the outer islands. We suggest that you use lighter soft-shell luggage as well.

What is the weather like?

Seychelles is typically hot and somewhat humid, with the midday temperature hovering at 35 degrees celsius. Evenings are also invariably warm, except for the first and last few weeks of the season, when there may be a strong, cooling breeze.

What are the fishing seasons?

  • Alphonse Island: The main fishing season on Alphonse Island runs from early October to the end of May.
  • Astove Atoll: The season at Astove is split with a break over the festive season. The first part of the season traditionally runs from early November until late December and the second part of the season runs from mid-February to late April.
  • Cosmoledo Atoll: The season at Cosmoledo is split with a break over the festive season. The first part of the season traditionally runs from early November until late December and the second part of the season runs from mid-January to late April.

What are the hours of daylight?

Due to its proximity to the equator, there is no real twilight in Seychelles. The sun rises quickly at around 6:15 A.M. and sets with equal swiftness at about 6:30 P.M. This varies by only minutes throughout the year, giving nearly a full 12 hours of daylight for 365 days a year.

Is there telephone service and WiFi at the destinations?

The phone services at the Cosmoledo Eco Camp and Astove Atoll Coral House are operated via satellite. Outgoing voice calls are charged USD 3 per minute or part thereof + VAT. Incoming voice calls are charged at USD 2 per minute or part thereof + VAT. There is complimentary Wi-Fi at the Astove Coral House lounge and at the dining tent at Cosmoledo Eco Camp.

On Alphonse Island, each villa, suite, or bungalow has a phone service operated via satellite. There is complimentary Wi-Fi in the bar area and a network cable connection at the Internet Desk.

Are flights to and from the destinations managed by Alphonse Fishing Co?

No, flights are managed by a third-party operator, IDC Aviation. Flight charges are therefore subject to change as determined by this third party. Increases in flight charges, island fees, and government taxes are out of the control of Alphonse Fishing Co. and will be transferred to the client. We liaise with IDC Aviation on the flight passenger list and book flights on your behalf.


Do the atolls each have a fishing tackle & gear shop?

There is a fully kitted tackle shop at the fishing centre on Alphonse Island that can provide you with most of the tackle you will need for your trip. There is also a full range of flies custom-tied for Alphonse on the right hooks and with the correct material.

Astove and Cosmoledo have tackle for sale on location. There will be fly lines, flies, and various other items on sale should you run out. Any other needed tackle can be ordered and delivered to the location.

Each of our destinations offers a 9, 10, and 12-weight rod and reel rental service on a complimentary basis. All the outfits consist of a top-quality fly rod and Shilton SL series reel, loaded with 300 yards of braided backing. Fly lines are to be supplied by the angler or can be purchased on location. Should one of these rods be broken, there is a rod replacement fee of either USD 100, USD 150, or USD 250, depending on the brand. Anglers must pre-book the rod rentals and tackle them to ensure that we have sufficient stock.

All tackle sales need to be settled in cash at the appropriate shop.

What clothing is recommended for fishing?

Lightweight, long sleeve shirts and long pants that can be zipped off are recommended. Soft natural colours are best as bright colours will alert the fish. Sunscreen with a minimum protection factor of at least 30 SPF is required for any exposed skin areas, and a lip block would be helpful. A buff and bandanna are of great importance for sun protection of your face, while polarized sunglasses are a must. We recommend Costa Del Mar’s 580 amber and blue mirror lenses. Sun gloves will help protect your hands, and a hat or cap will offer further protection to your face. Lastly, please ensure that you have thick-soled flats wading boots with good ankle support, as neoprene booties do not provide adequate protection. Additional items that would be helpful are a lightweight rain jacket, cycling or lycra shorts for wearing under your flats shorts to prevent chafing, gravel guards, stripping gloves, a waterproof backpack, a headlamp/torch, soft tissue for drying and cleaning lenses, a waterproof fly box to prevent flies from rusting and pliers for removing hooks and squashing barbs.

What is the guide to angler ratio?

The fishing teams comprise two guests fishing with a different guide each day and allocated to a single skiff. Each guide is a qualified skipper, has first aid experience, speaks English, and is extremely experienced.


Do I require “From Scene of Accident Medivac Insurance”?

All guests are required to obtain “From Scene of Accident Medivac Insurance.” Details will be requested before arrival on the Island. Alphonse Fishing Co. and agents cannot assume any financial responsibility for consequences incurred if this has not been obtained.

Do I require travel insurance?

All guests are required to obtain travel insurance that will cover any costs incurred due to flight delays for any reason.

Would I need to sign an indemnity form?

All guests are required to sign an indemnity form once on location.

What vaccinations or inoculations are required to travel to Seychelles?

No inoculations are legally required for entry. However, you may want to check with your local immunization and inoculation clinic for their recommendations on health precautions for travel to Seychelles. Some travellers elect to protect themselves against hepatitis A with an immunoglobulin injection (short-term protection) or the longer-lasting vaccine. Other inoculations may be required if you plan a trip to parts of Africa.

Is the water safe to consume?

There is a desalination plant on Alphonse, Astove, and Cosmoledo each, so water from the faucets is safe to drink.

We do not stock mineral water and will only supply it when requested explicitly before arrival.

Due to the tropical surroundings, would I encounter any mosquitoes?

Astove and Cosmoledo have not been civilized for many years, so there are mosquitoes that need to be repelled. They are also found on Alphonse Island in a diminished capacity. They carry no diseases, and there are generally very few mosquitoes when fishing the flats. There will be an IDC staff member at Astove who will be smogging to reduce their numbers. They are mainly encountered around the camp, so it’s suggested that long, lightweight pants and long-sleeved shirts are worn in the evening when dining.

If you have an allergy to mosquito bites, please let us know, as we will only carry antihistamine cream and pills. We have Peaceful Sleep mosquito repellent (non-DEET) on location, so there is no need to bring any with you.


What is the Conservation Donation?

There is a compulsory Conservation Donation of USD 175 per week (USD25 per day), payable in cash at each destination. All packages exclude this Conservation Donation, and these funds are given to the Island Conservation Society to preserve nature in Seychelles.

What is the suggested amount to tip my guide or general staff?

If you wish to show appreciation to the general staff, we suggest a USD 200 per guest per week or USD 30 per day guideline. This is to be left with reception upon departure for equal distribution.

For the Fly Fishing Guides, we suggest a USD 500 per angler per week or USD 100 per day guideline, which is to be given to the head guide at the end of the week.
All tips are to please be paid in cash.

Do I need to do a currency exchange before my trip?

You do not need to change your Euros or U.S. Dollars into the local currency of Seychelles Rupees. Our destinations accepts both currencies. Please bring sufficient cash to settle tackle bills, tips, and other costs incurred, as only Alphonse Island offers credit card facilities at a 5% surcharge of the total amount. It’s important to remember that there will be no credit card facilities at the other destinations. Hence, it’s best to carry cash for on-location tackle and alcohol purchases and gratuities.


What is the cancellation policy?

A fee of 10% shall be levied if the reservation is moved to an alternative date within the same season. Should we receive a cancellation more than 180 days before arrival, a fee of 10% shall be levied. This increases to 50% if cancellation is between 180 and 90 days before arrival, while a 100% fee shall be levied if cancellation is 90 days or less before arrival. All cancellations and provisional bookings must be confirmed via email.

Is VAT included in the tariffs?

Yes, tariffs are quoted inclusive of VAT in U.S. Dollars.