Fly Fishing The Seychelles

The Seychelles, with its 115 islands, deserted atolls and warm Indian Ocean waters, is renowned for being home to some of the world’s richest fish populations.

Fly Fishing

The best saltwater fly fishing in the world

The hard white sand flats, crystal clear waters, diverse fish species and ideal weather make the Outer Atolls of the Seychelles the best flats fishing destination in the world. You’ll be amazed by its waters teeming with aggressive predatory fish, that include giant trevally, bonefish, triggerfish, permit, barracuda, bluefin trevally, snapper, grouper and algae eaters like the turbo-charged milkfish. If you venture into the blue water you can put your skills to further test by targeting the healthy populations of sailfish, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, dogtooth tuna, dorado, and even marlin.

Challenges like these make Seychelles the best fishing destination for experienced fishermen and beginners alike.

Our Destinations

Three atolls and islands called Alphonse, Bijoutier and St Francois

One atoll with a vast lagoon surrounded by nineteen islands

One atoll with an enclosed lagoon surrounded by flats and sheer drop offs

One atoll with a vast lagoon accompanied by nine surrounding islands

African Banks, Remire Reef, St Joseph’s Atoll and Poivre Atoll

The Alphonse Fishing Co Experience

Choosing the right Seychelles fishing operator is essential, especially when you consider the archipelago’s enormity. Over 1,000 species of fish over a span of 115 islands in waters covering almost 1.4 million km² means you need in-depth local knowledge.

Alphonse Fishing Company boasts the most experienced recreational angling team in Seychelles, with more years on the Outer Islands than any other organisation. Fly fishing with us guarantees the most professional fly fishing experience you can find, and combining a few of our fly fishing destinations will increase your fishing satisfaction even more.

Fly Fishing

We organise our Seychelles saltwater fly fishing trips with one thought in mind, helping you enjoy the very best of this fly angler’s paradise and its thousands of acres of white sand flats, easy wading, and world class fishing. Our fleet of purpose-built boats ranging from 16ft to 75ft play a vital part in accessing the best fly fishing areas. Our experienced international team of guides, captains and managers ensure that you enjoy the very best experience. We also limit the number of fly anglers at all of our destinations for sustainability. A strict catch-and-release policy is practised to ensure prolific fisheries and limited the impact on these wildernesses.

Blue Water Fishing

You can target some of the worlds hardest fighting gamefish as the Seychelles is home to an incredible variety of pelagic and resident fish species. You’ll have the opportunity to challenge fish including sailfish, wahoo, yellowfin tuna, dogtooth tuna, dorado, and even marlin. Anglers can spend half or full days on our blue water experiences using either fly fishing or conventional tackle.

Expert Guides

Our team of inventive guides, professional captains, meticulous deckhands, and methodical managers are dedicated and extremely experienced, with hundreds of thousands of cumulative hours under their belts. We go to great lengths to ensure that you enjoy some of the world’s best fly fishing. Our team is complemented by a fleet purpose-built flats skiffs and the best equipment which play a vital part in accessing the best fly fishing areas.


Our accommodation, restaurants, and bars are amongst the finest of any fishing destination in the world. We ensure our fishermen enjoy a superb and comfortable stay, and we attend to all your needs. Whether it’s the beautiful Alphonse Island Lodge, quaint Astove Coral House, secluded Cosmoledo Eco Lodge, comfortable Farquhar Lodge or onboard one of our luxurious vessels sailing around the Amirantes, our destinations provide the finest facilities to make your trip a memorable one.

Popular Fish Species

The Fisherman's Diary

Read our blog articles covering all the latest fly fishing and gamefishing reports at our destinations. Eager anglers get valuable tips on which rods, reels, tackle, and gear to use when heading onto the flats and deeper to the blue waters. You can also learn more about the difference Alphonse Fishing Company, its partners, and the Alphonse Foundation is making in conserving the Indian Ocean Archipelago’s flora, fauna, and marine life.

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