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Our Managing Director, Keith Rose-Innes – renowned fly fisherman, explorer, and conservationist – along with our guides, captains, and camp managers, are extremely knowledgeable and skilled, boasting many years of experience fishing and managing operations in Seychelles. We know all the best fly fishing destinations and offer packages run by fly fishermen for fly fishermen. It’s this superior expertise that will make your fishing trip unforgettable and sets our experience apart from the rest.

Conservation At Our Core

All our fishing trips are designed for minimal impact on the ocean ecosystem and diverse coral reefs. Alphonse Fishing Company™ support the Alphonse Island conservation fund, which is at the forefront of protecting and maintaining this pristine part of the world with its crystal clear waters, turtles, birds, and saltwater fish species.

Our Destinations

Three atolls and islands called Alphonse, Bijoutier and St Francois

One atoll with a vast lagoon surrounded by nineteen islands

One atoll with an enclosed lagoon surrounded by flats and sheer drop offs

One atoll with a vast lagoon accompanied by nine surrounding islands

African Banks, Remire Reef, St Joseph’s Atoll and Poivre Atoll