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    Farquhar Atoll Seychelles Bumphead parrotfish fly fishing 11 June 2024


    10 anglers took to the flats on day one of fishing on Farquhar and were met with some tricky weather conditions, but Sasha, despite this challenge, landed the first GT of the week!

    Day two brought more sunlight and calmer winds. Makoto opened his first bumphead parrotfish account in style with a beautiful specimen measuring 105 cm. Father-son duo George and Gaden, along with manager and guide Shaun, had a fantastic day, both landing a GT. Gaden even managed to land the third African pompano of the season.

    The following day welcomed a magnificent day of weather. Laurens landed his first GT of the week. On the boat with guide Evan, Gerry managed to land a decent GT in the morning. After landing his GT, he went in search of bumpies. It wasn’t long before Gerry hooked a fish, scoring his first bumphead parrotfish. He then went on to finish the day with a few bonefish, scoring him a flats slam!

    On a different boat, Charlie searched for GTs with his guide, Chad. A decent-sized GT appeared from the deep. Charlie laid out a beautiful cast within sight of the fish, and it darted straight at the boat and took the fly. After several intense moments, Charlie had his 97 cm GT in the net. Next on the list was bumpies, which he landed too. Charlie then successfully sought out a bonefish to seal the deal on his flats slam. Two slams in one day for the team!

    Day four was the day of giants. Sasha managed to land a sizeable banded trevally, a rare catch! Guide Dean went polling in search of GTs with Laurens and Fitz. Laurens landed a GT first, a 101 cm unit. That is one impressive fish! Next up was Fitz. After his cast,  the fish made quick work of the fly. After some intense moments of tug of war, he landed his first-ever GT, which measured a magnificent 99 cm.

    The catch of the week and one of the season’s highlights went to Gerry. With Guide Evan, the two gents headed to Deep South Coral Ridges in search of a big GT. It wasn’t long before a huge fish was spotted. The fish was apprehensive at first, but with a well-laid cast and slow strips, patiently waiting, the fish sucked up the fly. Evan was quick on the motor and chased the fish around the coral heads for several nail-biting moments until he finally grabbed the leader and directed the monster of a fish into the net. The fish came in as the second biggest of the season, measuring 122 cm. What a day of GT fishing!

    It was day five, and Gerry added another GT to his list. Gaden tried his hand at bumpies. One cast, and he was tight with a solid fish. Through great patience, he landed his first bumpy, coming in at 102 cm. Makoto was on his own quest for bumpies. He managed to hook several fish from the same group over the course of the next hour or so and landed two of them, one of which measured 104 cm.

    In the dying moments of the final day of fishing, Paul caught his first GT. Gaden also added another GT to his tally. Charlie landed his trophy bonefish of 60 cm. Sasha decided to mix things up and take to blue water. Sasha ended up hooking a sizeable wahoo, ending his trip at Farquhar with a bang.

    We had a fantastic week at Farquhar, and we are sure our guests did too. We look forward to what adventure awaits for us next week!

    Tight lines, Blue Safari Fly Fishing on Farquhar Atoll


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