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    Envisioning our path into the future

    While COVID-19 has been the centre of global focus in the last months, we seem to be settling down toward a new normal. In some parts of the world, international travel is coming back to life, and in the Seychelles we are lucky to be gradually opening our borders. We are excited to reawaken the fly-fishing industry but we have not lost the important perspective that came into focus in the last months.

    During these past months we have decided to look inwards and reflect. Where does our passion for fly fishing come from? Why is it that as a fly fishing community we long to experience pristine untouched environments in pursuit of the ultimate catch? Fly Fishing is more than a sport, it is a lifestyle that brings together the fisherman and nature in an abstractly authentic way. It’s progression is embodied by a constantly evolving understanding of nature and its elements, ultimately pursuing the mastering of an art expressed through a real connection with nature. It’s a journey that births an unexpected love for nature within us and while the thrill of the catch is exhilarating, it’s at this moment we realise that the true fulfilment lies in the impact of this journey on our lives. The journey becomes never ending.

    Alphonse Fishing Company was never created to be just another fly fishing destination, instead we wanted to create timeless experiences that embody the purity of fly fishing. Something that can be experienced nowhere else on earth. At the heart of this experience is the protection, development and conservation of one of the most diverse and precious places on the planet, the Outer Islands of Seychelles.

    Since our inception in 2012 we have been conscious of the underlying impact we would like to create, which is to become the custodians of this pristine, untouched environment. It is this very understanding that lies at the core of our business, which has led us on a natural path to becoming home to the ultimate saltwater fly fishing experience. Although the fisheries are closed to all fishing, they are being monitored and the conservation continues even during these trying times.

    The COVID developments have accentuated the importance of sustainability, the importance of togetherness and the importance of a true connection and real respect for nature. It has awakened us to question the nature of our existence and how we need to adapt to ensure sustainability into the future. It is this realisation which makes us more excited than ever to continue pioneering our journey of conservation, sustainability and authentic experiences centered around our love for fly fishing.

    Although our industry is rife with uncertainty, we know that we need to see through the noise and focus on the time where we emerge from the current hardship, stronger, more focused and more invigored to live our purpose than ever before.

    We are excited to welcome you again to our beautiful waters and would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge you, our guest and our greater family. You are the lifeblood of our operation and without you we would not be able to do what we do. It is through this very understanding, that we are eagerly looking forward to casting with you again in the upcoming season.

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