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    Astove Atoll – 2019/2020 – Season Highlights – November 2019 to March 2020

    18 May 2020

    Fly Fishing Astove Atoll 2019 / 2020

    Season Highlights

    What an incredible season we have had at Astove Atoll! Despite the season being cut short we still had the privilege to experience 11 weeks of exceptional fly fishing. Let’s take a look back at the highlights of the season.

    There were so many unforgettable moments this season. We have to congratulate all anglers on their skills, determination, and passion for the sport, and we thoroughly enjoyed having each one of you here!


    Here are just a few of the achievements that were truly remarkable this season:

    • John Coulter caught the largest GT of the season, measuring in at a whopping 108 cm
    • Samuel Parkinson reeled in a 70 cm bonefish.
    • Ron Benck caught 24 GT’s in his week at Astove.
    • Josh Worthington managed to get two Flat Slams, two days in a row.


    Our Favourite Moments of the Season

    A Day to Remember

    One special day to remember was described to our head guide, Brad Simpson, by guests Michael Rudman and Angus Selby as ‘unexplainably magical’.

    It all started at the mouth of the lagoon where there were huge numbers of rays waiting for the tide to push, and almost every single one had a GT on it.

    On three separate occasions, Angus and Michael were onto a double and would literally land a fish, release it and then take another shot. Once the fish started to disperse, the team moved to the outside of the reef to do some teasing.

    Within minutes, sailfish were on the surface and both anglers were casting to them, not even 20 metres offshore! Unfortunately, they were unable to land one and it was back to GT action. Almost the entirety of the afternoon was spent fishing at packs of 10-15 GT’s on the tease.

    What an unbelievable experience for both guests and guide, and it truly showcases the sheer wilderness of Astove Atoll and its fishery!


    Rods Available for the Upcoming Season

    At Astove Atoll, you never know what’s going to happen or what you are going to see. As luck would have it, we still have a few rods available for the upcoming season.

    We cannot wait to once again welcome you back to Astove Atoll, but until then, from all of us at AFC, stay safe and keep dreaming! Until we can fish together again once more.


    2020/2021 Season Availability Calendar


    Celebrate the Good Times

    Although our season has been cut short, we have definitely seen this time as an opportunity for our fisheries and guides to rest.

    Additionally, new flies are being developed, new clips are being produced and even more fishing stories are being told about the past season.



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