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    Alphonse Island GT Fly Fishing 6 March 2024


    This week was undoubtedly our best GT fishing week and arguably our best all-around fishing week. Our guests enjoyed excellent weather, great tidal movement, and heaps of hungry fish, making many dreams come true.

    The GTs were the standout feature of the week, and no matter where you found yourself around St. Francois, you were only ever a few minutes away from spotting one or more. Plenty of GTs were sighted and caught off the back of stingrays and sharks. Packs of GTs were seen in the surf on the pushing tide, with plenty of free-swimming fish in between.

    Angler Bo Ribaudo has fished the outer islands of the Seychelles more than the average angler. She knows what the flats can offer, but even she was pleasantly surprised by how good her week turned out. Bo’s week included four GTs, two moustache triggerfish measuring 41 and 43 cms respectively, a flats slam composed of a 42 cm yellowmargin triggerfish, a GT, and a bonefish. She later caught another fantastic yellowmargin trigger and, to cap it all off, bagged a fantastic 63 cm permit. Congratulations on your epic week of fishing, Bo!

    Similar fortunes awaited another returning guest, Kasja Larsson. Her first day on the flats yielded three GTs, the biggest being an epic 107 cms! The big GT was spotted following closely behind a nurse shark when it was hooked. A few days later, Kajsa picked up a superb 41 cm yellowmargin trigger and another beautiful 87 cm GT. On her final day, not long after her partner Bo caught a massive permit, Kajsa also hooked and landed a gorgeous 57 cm permit. Congratulations on a truly superb week of fishing, Kajsa!

    Angler Steven Blackbeard was concerned that he might not get a GT during his trip with us, but this magnificent Atoll did not disappoint. In his last week, he caught a good-sized GT at 81 cm. He went from strength to strength with GT fishing and had a tremendous five GT day where he could not do a thing wrong. With his fantastic momentum, it only went up from there. In addition to these five fish in one day, he caught four more, finishing his week with a total catch of 10 GTs!

    On one of his days, he said to his guide that he had his eyes set on a triggerfish after hearing all the stories from the guides and fellow anglers about how tricky they can be — he was up for the challenge! Steven would go on to catch two 51 cm moustache triggers and a 46 cm moustache trigger in one afternoon!

    Clearly, all the rumors about how difficult triggers can be did not matter to Steven. Congratulations on an epic week of fishing, Steven; seriously impressive stuff!

    Angler Julian Anntes also had a top-tier week of GT fishing, ending with a total of seven GTs under the belt, and most notably, on his final day, he landed a massive 100 cm GT. Congratulations on some proper GT fishing, Julian!

    Notable mentions must also be extended to Patty, who caught three GTs during the week and also managed a flats slam with a GT, a 46 cm yellowmargin trigger, and a bonefish. Congratulations on your slam, Patty!

    A big congratulations to Avron, who caught a phenomenal 91 cm GT. To Per and Marcus for catching two GTs each, and to John, Ferdinando, Paul, Staffan, and Michael, who all caught GTs over the week.

    We look forward to another week of guests, and we hope to have as much fortune on the flats as we did this week, if not more.

    Tight lines, Blue Safari Fly Fishing on Alphonse Island



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