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    How to pack your flats backpack

    25 May 2016

    by Cameron Musgrave 

    I have witnessed countless guests over the years that have no clue on what to carry in their backpacks whilst on the flats. Some carry everything including the kitchen sink, while others at best might have a box half full of the wrong flies. With most of them so rusty it would be wise to carry a tetanus injection with you. 


    Below is some of the equipment that is suffice to carry in your bag whilst on the flats.
    ⦁ A high factor water resistance sunblock.
    ⦁ 1 small to medium sized fly box for both Bonefish and Crab/Prawn etc… patterns.
    ⦁ 1 Small to medium sized fly box for bigger flies for GTs etc… (it is always recommended that if you have a large collection of flies it is always best to decant the essential flies into smaller boxes that can be topped up as your trip progresses).
    ⦁ 1 lightweight rain jacket. (dull or neutral colours).
    ⦁ 1 spare fly line for each rod used. Eg: 1 wf12f and 1 wf9f.
    ⦁ Leader material – Eg: 17lb and 130lb.
    ⦁ A pair of nips or forceps attached to the outside of your bag for easy access.
    ⦁ A few rehydrate/energy sachets or effervescent tablets.
    ⦁ A waterproof compact digital camera.
    ⦁ As much water as you are willing to carry.
    ⦁ Having a light weight back is the key, if you don’t need it, take it out.

    Please note that all AIL guides should also carry the above items including a first aid bag.


    It is always wise to spend a bit more money on a good quality 100% waterproof backpack. Sadly, I have seen many fly boxes, cameras that are not waterproof and other gear destroyed from a water getting into a cheap backpack.
    The flats is no place for any Smartphone devises even within a waterproof casing as I can almost guarantee that they will get wet.

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