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    Fly Fishing at Cosmoledo, Seychelles by Chad Williams

    29 June 2017

    One of our guests, Chad Williams,  recently shared their experience with us by creating an incredible video of their time fishing the flats of Cosmoledo. Before getting into epic footage, we wanted to know a little bit more about their trip:

    How did you decide on Cosmoledo?
    I decided on Cosmoledo because my dad and his best friend had been 8 years before with AFC and fished with Keith (the Managing Director). He wanted to take my brother and I ever since, and we booked the trip a year before. I got even more excited about the trip when I saw the YETI Cosmo video featuring Alex’s story.

    What was your favourite moment?
    My favorite moment was the last day of our trip, floating along the edge of the mangroves with my brother and Dave, our guide. My brother and I both got back to back GT’s and they were the biggest we caught the entire trip. My brother’s fly line wrapped around his reel and the fish retreated back into the mangroves trying to break him off. Dave jumped out of the boat, grabbed the line, and held the tension preventing it from going deeper into the mangrove. It was chaos, hilarious, and the ultimate reward was when we landed the fish. You can see it all starting at the 2:55 minute mark of my video.

    What was your best catch?
    My favorite catch was earlier in the day when I was fishing with Dave in the surf. I said to Dave “Look how close this ray is getting to my feet!” as a ray was about 5 feet away and heading right at us. Dave yelled “CAST!” and I dropped a fly a foot in front of me, and in an instant a GT came off the back of the ray and hit the fly and took off. We landed the fish and laughed from the moment we hooked up until about 30 mins after we got a photo. It was the ultimate reminder to cast at every ray you see.

    Any last comments?
    Our guides, the crew, the captain, the boat everything was incredible and exceeded every expectation I came in with. It was the trip of a lifetime and I can’t wait to go back one day.

    Watch their trip in action below: