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    What is the luggage restriction for the inter-island flights?

    Check-in luggage is strictly limited to 15 kg or 33 pounds per person, and 5 kg or 11 pounds carry-on luggage. Please adhere to the specified limits. It is not possible to load extra luggage beyond your limit; it would have to be repacked and left on Mahé until your return. There is a left luggage storage at the airport or you can arrange for your tour operator in Mahé to store excess luggage while you are on the outer islands. We suggest that you use lighter soft-shell luggage as well.

    What is the weather like?

    The Seychelles is typically hot and somewhat humid with the midday temperature hovering at 35 degrees celsius. Evenings are also invariably warm with the exception of the first and last few weeks of the season, when there may be a strong, cooling breeze.